Come along and enter the world of sacred sound: Sound that touches your soul! Based on ancient chants, it has the ability to calm the mind if listened to with intention. Kirtan experiences range from uplifting, refreshing, enlivening to calming, grounding and relaxing. A Kirtan event is not your typical concert either. You can think of it as a sing-along in which the Kirtan singer and the audience alternate in singing the mantras.

We repeat simple melodies in a lively call and response style supporting a divine connection with our heart and spirit. It is an easy way for even a new practitioner to experience very deep and blissful meditative states. The positive vibration in the music along with the group energy is catchy and will uplift even the quiet spectator.


Saturday November 2nd' 2019

Saturday December 7th' 2019

7:00pm - 8:30pm

Cost: Koha (Donation)

Breathe Easy Sinus Relief - Workshop with Ram


In this workshop we will be looking into effective natural ways to reduce sinus related issues such as hay fever, seasonal allergies and even assist with asthma and other breathing related problems. 

You will learn

- Correct breathing and and understanding of how the respiratory system works.

- Learn breathing exercises that strengthen and clean the respiratory system.

-  An understanding of how diet and food affects the way we breath.

-  Learn nasal cleansing with a neti pot (which you will receive neti pot to use and take home with you)

This workshop is for anyone who wants to breathe easy and gain a healthy respiratory system.


Saturday  September 7th' 2019

3:30pm - 5:30pm

Cost: $35

Stress Less - Workshop with Ram

Stress Less is a comprehensive workshop which will provide easy

tools for stress management and anxiety.


You will gain

- Easy tools to manage stress on a daily basis

- A guide to develop good breathing habits

- Learn to perfect the art of relaxation

- Understanding how diet affects stress

- Gain insights into the mind and how it functions

- Access to simple online programs to help you on your journey.


This course is for anyone who seeks more peace and happiness within. Today stress affects one in four people and this can be managed easily with the right knowledge. Join Ram in this informative afternoon.


Saturday October 19th 

2:00pm - 5:00pm

Cost: $65

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