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Upper Back Massage

5 Day Therapeutic Massage Course

with Osteopaths Berit and Andrew Lawson

June 13th to 17th' 2024

Berit and Andrew Lawson (both Masters in Osteopathy) have developed an intensive massage course that provides students with a unique style that draws upon their professional training and clinical experience. Their approach provides both a therapeutic experience as well as shortcut techniques to help resolve your client’s common problems. Maximum size of the course is 20 students.


Course Requirements

There is no prior learning needed to starting this course.


How to Enrol

Either give us a call 06 7587078

or email us:


Upcoming Courses

Next course start date is June 13th ' 2024


To book accommodation at Sanctuary Hill during the training contact us:

See packages below. 

What you will learn

Massage is a healing art that is centuries old. It has been used to relax, invigorate, help heal the body and centre the mind. Training with Berit and Andrew you will come away from this course with a modern, holistic approach that has been refined over the past 130 years.


You will gain understanding on how to approach the body and treat specific regions and identify and treat common problems such as headaches, lower back pain, neck pain stiffness and more. You will understand how to approach people safely who have different needs such as the pregnant or elderly.


There will be basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology provided. You will have an understanding of endangerment sites of the body and how to work around them. How and when to use various pressures and techniques depending on which part of the body you are working with and how your client presents.


Who will benefit from this course?

Suitable for both beginners wanting to start out in massage and experienced practitioners that would like a different approach.


Or perhaps for those wanting to help family at home and deepen their understanding or interest in the body, how it works and how to help it heal.



Course Outline

Day 1 Introduction.

Professional ethics, conduct and practice.

Scope of practice, cautions and contraindications.

Introduction to various techniques: effleurage, myofascial release, petrissage, tapotement, muscle energy technique

Regional massage: Upper back and shoulders, lower back.


Day 2 Therapeutic best practices

Preparing for massage,

Assessing your client,

Using oils and aromatherapy,

Towelling, ice packs and hydrotherapy,

Introduction to body systems: integumentary, circulatory, nervous and musculoskeletal.

Regional massage: Head and neck.


Day 3 Lower Limb and Upper Limb

Regional anatomy.

Treating: shoulder pain, tennis elbow, wrist tension, tight hips, knee pain, foot and ankle tension.


Day 4 Head, Neck, Torso and abdomen

Regional anatomy.

Treating: headache, neck strains, lower back pain.


Day 5 Integration

Patient planning

Recap on regional techniques and anatomy

Whole body massage

Setting up a massage business


Investment and payment options:


Early Bird: If you would like to secure your place in the course, a full payment is required by Friday 15 March 2024. This will allow you to receive the early bird discounted price of $2390.


Deposit: A deposit option is available if you would like to secure a place but prefer to pay a non-refundable deposit of $500, the full payment must be paid six weeks before starting the course.


Full Payment: This is the total payment due 6 weeks prior to starting the course $2600.

Accommodation: Sanctuary Hill can provide you with on-site accommodation in a private bedroom with shared bathroom and cooking facilities. Cost is $450 total for 5 nights accommodation arriving June 12th afternoon. This cost is paid directly to Sanctuary Hill. 





Do I need to do a lot of study for this course?

No. You will be given a handbook that covers the material on the course. Most the learning material will be covered in a practical setting while on the course.



What do I need to bring to the course?

Bring loose comfortable clothing, flat shoes, a packed lunch and water bottle and four large and two small towels.


What will I get when I have completed this course?

You will gain a Certificate in Massage Foundations which will outline the content of the course.


I would like to know more about Andrew and Berit.

Please follow this link to find out more about the course leaders on their website


What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a highly developed manual therapy that works with both the structure and function of the body to return distressed or injured states back to a normal healthy function. The founder of osteopathy, Andrew Tylor Still, a physician and surgeon, formed the first college for osteopathy in 1892. Since then the practice of osteopathy has evolved along with modern medicine into a holistic and evidence based healing modality. Students of osteopathy study for 4-5 years and cover all systems of the body as well as pathology, clinical diagnostics, biochemistry and integrate holistic health practices.

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