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Sound Healing Therapy Diploma Level 2
 Course Date November 1st - 6th  2024

Join us on as we dive deeper on the Journey of Sound Healing. This is an extensive training that will encompass one on one work, working with groups in Sound Baths or Sound Journeys and self healing. Set in a retreat styled environment to minimalize distractions and gain a truly immersive experience. This training will give you more depth in your understanding of Sound, Energy, Healing and holding space..

We will dive much deeper into working with tuning forks, singing bowls, shamanic drums, wind instruments and hands on energy techniques. We will explore our voice in more depth and use this to find resonant frequencies of parts of the body. We will learn to set up and create sacred space and we will go deeper into ourselves and our personal healing path.

What You Will Learn

- Theory and Philosophy of Sound Healing

- Hands on Energy Healing

- Understanding resonance in depth

- Solar Harmonic Unweighted Tuning Forks

- Using multiple Weighed forks and crystal feet

- Using your voice for healing

- Brainwave entrainment 

- Binaural  Beats 

- Remote Healing

- Working with Silent sound

- Detailed Spinal Clearing and back work

- Clearing Spaces
- Breathwork

- Sound Journeys

- Working into specific ailments 


About Sound Healing

Sound Healing is a beautiful healing modality that utilizes both ancient and modern concepts. 

Sound healing works on many different levels from activating the water molecules and bone structures within our bodies, brainwave entrainment and balance through to working within our bioenergetic field repairing and rebalancing through biofeedback.

Sound Healing is diverse in it's use as well as in it's application. Everything within creation vibrates at a certain frequency, when our bodies have injury or imbalance either physically or energetically by using calming frequencies and the application of vibration we can feed back to our bodies when something is out of tune.

Sound Healing has many different applications and current research is expanding further by the day. 

Benefits include

  • Accelerate the bodies natural healing process

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Increased circulation

  • Increased sleep quality

  • Increased sense of calm

  • Alleviation from anxiety and stress

  • Reduce PTSD

  • Reduced symptoms of depression

  • Liberate emotional traumas stored within the body/mind complexes

  • Deconstruct negative patterns

  • Enhances homeostasis

  • Bring balance and harmony to our emotional state

  • Remove blockages and facilitate free flow of energy channels

    • – meridians, nerves, & blood vessels

  • Promotes creative potential

  • Expand the capacity for love, peacefulness and happiness within oneself

  • Increased concentration, focus and attention

  • Can be used to treat a large range of illness and aliments 

Sound Therapy Training

What You Will Need

Completion of Level one is required to be accepted for this course.

What we will be working with

- Solar Harmonic Tuning Forks (we will have sets available to upgrade from existing two forks just  let us       know at time of booking)

- Weighted Tuning Fork (128hz recommended) 2 forks is ideal

- One or two hand made Tibetan Singing Bowls (we have some available for sale)

- One Pendulum

- Tuning Fork Activator 

- Shamanic Buffalo Drum

- Any other instruments you may like to use


Early bird Price if booked and paid before October 1st $1999  Non Residential $1699

Full Price $2222

Private rooms available for additional $250 please ask when booking

Payment Plans available, please contact directly

Price Includes Accommodation for 6 nights, all training and Sound Healing Manual

Meals are not included there is a small kitchen available for use. We will have a couple of shared dinners which will be provided.


Typical Daily Schedule

8.45am - Energy Skills

9.45am - Tea Break

10.ooam - Sound Healing Skills

12.00pm - Lunch Break

1.00pm - Sound Healing Skills

2.45pm - Tea Break

3.00pm - Sound Healing Practice in pairs

5.00pm - Feedback and sharing

5.30pm - Freetime/dinner

7.30pm - Sound Journey work

This is a general guideline but may change from day to day.

About The Instructor

Ram has been involved in the wellness industry for over 20 years. His journey into sound started as a passion for listening to music as a boy and reflecting on how music and sound made him feel.

He became a yoga teacher in his early 20s and was always curious of all things mystic and mind related. This guided him into the world of sound vibration through the use of mantra. 

It was also in his early 20s he picked up his first Tibetan Singing bowl while traveling in India, there was an immediate and deep connection to the sound and vibration that this created and since then his journey has continued to unfold and deepen into this practice.

Ram has trained with many great teachers in the field of Sound such as John Beaulieu, Simone Vitale, Eileen Day McKusic and more. He has also trained with the Neo Shamanic Society in bioenergetic healing based on Barbara Brennan's work. He is  well read and has a very intuitive approach to this healing art.

Sound Healing Training New Zealand

What People Are Saying About Sound Healing

"Ram’s grounded approach to sound healing, his extensive knowledge of the energy field and his straightforward and compassionate approach make him unique. His work with me has helped clear the path for my most productive and satisfying future."

"I have had the great fortune of having Ram work on me, individually and in groups and what I love about this work is that it’s simple, it’s easy and it’s deeply, deeply powerful. I highly recommend you try this for yourself and go beyond your boundaries."

Recently, I had the good fortune to receive a Sound Healing session. It was perhaps one of the most profound experiences I have had in my life.
After the session, I had an overwhelming sense of happiness and belonging. I hadn't realized how "out of tune" I was until afterwards. Since then I have retained the sense of happiness and belonging and my physical energy has increased quite remarkably. Believe me, there are definitely more sessions in my future!"




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