Ram and Bhavani have been sharing their love for yoga and wellness for more than 10 years. After running the Sivananda Yoga Centre in New Plymouth, they decided to take the plunge into an even bigger adventure to create a special place that could offer regular classes, courses and retreats.  

Sanctuary Hill was created through the inspiration of helping people step into their own inner Sanctuary and wisdom, so they can thrive in practice and life for the long term.  
They have a huge appreciation for mind and body detox through meditation, wholesome diet, travel, healing and connection to nature. 

“We hope to help you unvail your innate peaceful nature.”



Hi everyone,


As many of you already know our official closing, due to COVID-19 measures, started this Monday March 23rd for the next four weeks or further briefing from our marvellous government leader. Know that we are feeling so held by our community, thank you so much for everything.

Here at Sanctuary Hill we feel that our contribution to this world is still to be shown, so we are holding hands with you too. We will keep connecting in many ways which is why our social media will be a step forward towards creating these bridges.

  1. I have created a FB group through our FB page which you can find in order to be part of our Live sessions. In this group we will announce which classes will be offered each week. We encourage you to keep a routine that will provide an ideal framework for a healthy life and a day full of energy. If you are a Facebook user, please send us a request to join the group.

  2. We have Online content so you can practice from home which you can find through our website. If you would like to access this content, please send us a message to provide the password. 

  3. If you wish to make a contribution to our space for the videos and assistance provided you can do a Voluntary Contribution through the links shown in these sections. We highly appreciate your support and know that we are grateful for walking through this path together.


Also, Concession cards will be placed on hold during this time.

Our warmest thoughts to you and your loved ones, and all of those in the front line taking care of the most affected.

Much much love to you, 

Bhavani and Ram 





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