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Yin Training

Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teacher Training

with Karin Sang and Markus Giess

June 09 - 14'  2023

Module 1

with Markus Henning Giess & Karin Michelle Sang

Schedule: 9–14 June2023

Daily: 7.45am–4.45pm(including 1hr lunchbreak)

Location: Sanctuary Hill, 109 Veale Rd, Ridgewood,

New Plymouth


Investment: Full price NZ$1,500

Early bird offer NZ$1,300 if registered and paid in full by 9 March 2023

Auditing: If you have previously successfully completed a Yin Therapy Teacher Training course with YinTherapy, graduates are offered the opportunity to repeat this course for onlyNZ$750 (incl. GST).Please note-there are a limited number of allocations for auditors .


To book accommodation at Sanctuary Hill during the training contact us:



This intensive 50hr Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teacher Training is a certified stand-alone teacher training course and is also the foundation stone and first of four modules that make up Yin Therapy’s 200hourYoga Alliance recognised Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teacher Training. Yin Yoga is “the other half” of yoga. It is the complementary practice to all yang forms of exercise e.g., yang styles of yoga, dance or sport. As our lives become increasingly morefast-paced and stressful, the popularity in Yin Yoga has increased dramatically in Europe, America and Australasia due to the urgent need for balance on a physical, mental and emotional level. Yin Yoga stimulates the fascia–the connective tissue, ligaments, tendons, joints resulting in a deeply relaxing practice while creating “space” in the body, de-stressing the mind and re-energising the soul. The backbone of Yin Yoga and thus this module is yoga anatomy from a functional perspective. The mystery will be solved why you or your students may be having difficulty doing certain poses. Through a series of practical tests, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to confidentially teachYin Yoga with a deep understanding for anatomical variation which will benefit one’s own practice as well as the teaching of not only Yin Yoga, but all forms of yoga, dance, sport, massage and bodywork.


Main Topics of Study

This 50-hour intensive yoga teaching course (6 days) comprises 4 sections:


1.YinYoga Asanas

This section covers the theory and practice for teaching 20+yin yoga poses, including their specific characteristics and their effects.


2.Yoga Anatomy

Anatomical understanding of not only the individual bone structure but also the muscular, connective, fascial and ligament tissues is an essential prerequisite for an effective yoga teacher.

3. 7-Point Analyzing Principle for Assists-Theory

Yin Therapy’s courses focus less on teaching set assists and much more on introducing a 7-Point Analyzing Principle, which you can then use for every known yoga pose and for each individual student.


4. 7-point Analyzing Principle-Practical Tests

We’ll study and apply a series of practical tests for analyzing the bone structure, compression and tension of our students. We will have the opportunity to learn–in a safe environment–to “read” a human being, to sense our own limitations and to test and recognize those of others. Eventually, with the benefit of myriad insights and enhanced self-awareness, we will be able to assess the needs and limitations of any individual student. The foundation has been laid. For more detailed information about the course syllabus and schedule, please click here


This course is suitable for dedicated yoga students with a regular yoga practice of at least 2 years, who wish to deepen their understanding of Yin Yoga and Yoga Anatomy for their own practice (with or without the intention to teach) as well as for already certified and aspiring yoga teachers who would like to teach Yin Yoga.


Required Reading

Yin Yoga: Principles and Practice by Paul Grilley

The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga: The Philosophy and the Practice by Bernie Clark


Suggested resource for YYTT Module I (required reading for YYTT Module 2)

General Anatomy and the Musculoskeletal System by Schuenke, et al.


On successful completion of all assignments and 100% attendance you will be awarded a 50 hour Yin Yoga& Anatomy Teacher Training certificate, which may be counted towards our Yoga Alliance internationally recognised 200hr Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teacher Training certificate or recognised as continuing education hours for Yoga Alliance registered yoga teachers.


Cancellation Policy

Student must give notification in writing at least 30 days prior to the start date of the course.

-Cancellations 3 months or more before the training will receive a full refund minus$300 non-refundable deposit

-Cancellations between 1-3 months before the training will receive a 50% refund

-Cancellations less than 1 month prior to the start date of the course are not eligible to receive a refund



In the event that the training is cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions, you will have the option to receive a full refund of the course fees or transferring the training to a rescheduled date.

For further enquiries please contact Karin:


For further information about Yin Therapy, please visit our website at:


The Teachers


Markus Henning Giess and Karin Michelle Sang are international teachers and co-founders of Yin Therapy leading Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training courses and workshops in Europe and Australasia. Markus Henning Giess International E-RYT 500 yoga teacher Markus completed his first yoga training with Power Yoga founder Bryan Kest before completing his 500hr Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings with Yin Yoga teachers and mentors Paul &Suzee Grilley, with whom he also assists on their trainings. He has also completed an intensive Yin/Yang & Meditation Teacher Training with Insight Yoga founder Sarah Powers. He has over 30 years of teaching experience and more than10,000 hours of training under his belt, from dance to yoga, massage to meditation, anatomy to energy work. Before Markus discovered yoga, he worked for 16 years as a professional dancer and musical performer in Germany, Switzerland and England, as well as a choreographer, teacher and presenter. He is a professional Thai masseur, Reiki master and gives Thai massage training and meditation workshops and courses internationally. Markus weaves together his vast knowledge and experience in bodywork, energy work, meditation, dance and performance with Yin Yoga and Yoga Anatomy to offer in depth and fascinating training and workshops with an holistic approach combined with practical, hands on experiential learning. He is known by his students for his relaxed, inspiring, and un-dogmatic style of teaching and making yoga anatomy entertaining, humorous and enlightening.


Karin Michelle Sang

Karin’s first introduction to yoga was in 1999while working as a professional musical performer in Germany. She completed a 350hour yoga teacher training with Power Yoga founder Bryan Kest, followed by a RYT 500hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Yin Yoga founders Paul & Suzee Grilley, and Insight Yoga founder Sarah Powers. She also completed a Restorative Yoga teacher training with Karla Brodie and Neal Ghoshal and is an iRest Yoga Nidra Level 1 Teacher. After 23 years of performing and working in the musical industry in London and Germany, she co-founded Yin Therapy with her partner Markus. She is a passionate advocate for gentle yoga practices and is dedicated to spreading her love of Yin Yoga. Karin’s style of teaching is authentic, deeply relaxing and personal, creating a nurturing and safes pace for the students to surrender into themselves. Her yoga offerings focus on bringing the quality of mindfulness throughout the asana practice, with a strong emphasis on respecting the unique anatomical, emotional and physical states of the student.




I feel blessed to have just completed the 200 hrs YYTT with Markus and Karin. They are inspirational teachers, with great warmth and humour, who live and breathe what they teach. The course was a full immersion in the world of Yin Yoga. I gained a very workable knowledge of anatomy, a true insight into the uniqueness of every "body", and a clear understanding what it means to be an authentic yin yoga teacher. I was inspired and look forward to sharing what I have learnt. Jenny P-Auckland


I highly, highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in diving deep into the foundations of Yin Yoga or who simply wants to experience the world-class teaching offered by Markus. This was hands down one of the best courses I have ever done and I cannot wait to be back for Module II, for which I will travel to Germany all the way from Canada. Markus is a well of knowledge on all things (Yin) Yoga, has fascinating stories to tell, is hilariously funny, extremely compassionate and kind. I can honestly say I learned much more than 50 hours’ worth. Thank you! Dr. Thea B.–Vancouver


"This was my first yoga teacher training and I don't think I could have been better. Markus is a wonderfulteacher who, with his humorous butalways present manner, explains complex topics of anatomy oryoga philosophy in such a way that you can understand them, even for a beginner like me. What else canI say, except, "It was amazing" and I'm really looking forward to participating in the Meditation Level Vas well. "Kristin E.-German

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