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We are Ram and Bhavani and we have created a little Sanctuary in the Taranaki region to share our love for what we do, yoga and well-being. 

It has been a long journey since we first tapped into yoga. We have both studied under the Sivananda Yoga Organization, which led us to run the Sivananda Yoga Centre in NZ for about 10 years. During that time, we led various retreats and workshops which ignited our intention to keep developing our centre.

We also both worked at the amazing Aro Ha retreat centre in Queenstown.

We believe that teaching is about giving back what yoga has already given to us. We have two beautiful littlies which are our best teachers in service. 

Our classes are based on  traditional foundations suitable for everyone and emphasize the need to connect the mind, breath and body for a holistic practice. 

While we both have traditional backgrounds in yoga we have also both studied and practiced extensively and teach from an intuitive space, allowing our students to grow and develop in the best way for them.

We have a passion not just for teaching yoga and wellness but also living it.

We feel that by connecting to all elements of nature around us, it helps us tune into the nature of peace within ourselves. 

Ram Davies:
Certified Sound Therapist through training with Simone Vitale
Certified Sivananda Yoga Instructor
Certified Breakthrough Life Coach through NZ Life Coaching
Bhagavad Gita and Vedanta Scholar through Chinmaya Foundation
Bhavani Davies:
Bhavani is a 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher and 200hrs Experienced Teacher through Yoga Alliance
She is a Level 3 Registered Teacher with Yoga NZ and Endorsed Stress Management Instructor with Exercise NZ
Certified 200hrs Sivananda Yoga Instructor
Certified 60hrs Rainbow Yoga for Kids
Certified Yoga Therapy 300hrs Svastha Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda
Level 1 Somatic Stress Release
Foundations of Positive Psychology Specialization through University of Penn
Architecture Degree through Institute of Technology in Mexico 


Yoga NZ Registered Level 3
Registered Yoga Teacher 500hrs
Yoga Alliance Educator 200hrs
Exercise NZ Registered



Fiona Ross

 Slow Flow Yoga - 200Hr Contemporary Yoga Auckland 2017

Fi moved to NZ from Scotland almost 20 years ago with her husband and two beautiful kids. She has collaborated in this community through many ways, one of them developing Rampage Fitness gyms in three areas of the city.

"My husband and I currently own/co-own 3 gyms in New Plymouth and this is where you will find me most days, working one on one, teaching classes (yoga and meditation) and offering Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy. Wellness is so much more than merely physical health and so having a few tools in my toolbox allows me to assist my clients towards better overall health.
Previously a midwife, I have been involved in the fitness Industry for over 25 years. I have taught many classes but feel excited to be teaching and exploring Yoga. I feel my ‘style’ of yoga is expressed as aspects of all the knowledge I have gathered throughout my 53 years of life so far. I am very passionate about my work and so look forward to teaching from this beautiful space that Ram and Bhavani have created.

‘Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others’. Look forward to seeing you on the mat".

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Solange Perrault

 Hatha and Vinyasa - 200Hr Anahata Yoga Shala

Sol is a Canadian yogi trained in Hatha and Vinyasa who completed her 200hr at Anahata Yoga Shala, and qualified in breathwork and meditation from the Academy of Breath. She’s studied Yin and functional anatomy with Paul Grilley, and trained with the Higher Yoga Academy in philosophy. With a background in vedic meditation, and ongoing study in biomechanics and physiology, her curiosity is fueled by the body and its many embodiment practices.


Asana practice has been a part of Sol’s journey from her early teens as she moved through sports injuries in hot yoga classes. Later, as she travelled away from home, she found her way to the mat as a creative expression, and did her first teacher training to deepen her knowledge. Over the years as a teacher in Melbourne, Auckland and New Plymouth she’s learned from incredibly diverse mentors, empowering her to embrace her own style. 


Inspired by her own healing experience, Sol’s guidance in class focuses on feeling and deeply tuning in to the experience. Her curiosity of the body’s capacities led her to teaching functional movement classes to meet the many requirements of our daily lives. She enjoys teaching a fun, dynamic sequence – the shapes will always change and evolve to suit our bodies!


Velvet Scarletta

200 YTT Multi Style Yoga teacher training Mahi Yoga, India 2018 (Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Therapeutic)

Yin Yoga teacher training 

Certified Ecstatic Flow facilitator, New Plymouth 2020

I’m passionate about creating safe, inclusive, compassionate and inquisitive environments in the yoga classes I guide.

 My intention is to awaken awareness of how we relate and connect to our bodies, our minds and the world around us. My vision is to live in a culture where rest, intuition, self enquiry, compassionate communication, healthy boundaries and strong self esteem are celebrated and elevated in the importance of things. 

I am a dedicated student of Japanese jiu jitsu and I discovered a deep love for yin yoga when i was exploring ways to recover from intense training sessions. This lead me to invest in some specialised Yin Yoga trainings. In these trainings I learned a lot about functional movement and the importance that our fascia plays in how we can move and experience our body. I also observe how much communities are needing to slow down, to shift from demanding exhausting lifestyles to nourishing balanced holistic living. Through the embodiment community I came across somatics and love to share gems I learn from this deeply transformational practise. I have found that through imparting my vulnerability, discoveries and experiences I have been able to connect on a much deeper level with the students I have met through the classes I have been fortunate enough to teach. I delight in weaving all the things I learn, including my love for writing poetry, into the class environment to inspire positive change in people's lives. 


Imogen Woods

Flow Yoga and Yin

Imogen started her journey of movement and expression at the Oxford School of Drama. After many years of practice, she found that she could integrate her love of play with movement, teaching yoga to children after completing her training in Auckland. Wanting to challenge herself more and to grow in her practice, she completed her training 200-hour yoga teacher training with Octavio Salvado in Bali in 2016. She loves life, loves yoga and is passionate about sharing both of these and much more of herself, in a nurturing and heartfelt way.

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