When you're new to yoga, it can be hard to know where to start. Don't worry, here we love yoga newbies and we offer a class that serve as a great first step. The slower pace of Basics Class makes it a great choice if you want a less strenuous approach to your practice. These extremely accessible classes are perfect for anyone looking to develop a practice of conscious, mindful movement with some support.

The Beginner Courses runs for 7 classes continuously. 

Dates when course begins:


November 4th' 2019

Mondays 7:15pm - 8:45pm


7 week Course: $95



Have you ever wanted to change something and struggled? 

The only thing constant in life is change. Yet despite this, so often we struggle to make the changes that are important to us. Over activity and conflicting desires can be part of the course of this problem. 

Empowered Change is a comprehensive course which enables one to harness life. So often we are stuck with limiting beliefs, subconscious patterns or just shear lack of motivation. In this Course we will look into:

Week 1: 

- Understanding the fundamentals of Change

- Looking into the origin of desires and needs

- Ranting out conflict through patterns to resolve inner conflicts

Week 2:

- Understanding our True Nature

- Inquiring into what is our purpose

- How to create a powerful affirmation to strengthen the mind.

Week 3:

- Looking in depth to the law of action and reaction

- How to make our actions more efficient

Week 4:

- Planning for success by mapping out a clear goal with achievable steps

Week 5:

- Dispelling limiting beliefs

- Conquering fear

-  Breaking bad habits 

Week 6:

- Harnessing energy

- Self Discipline

- Stress Managment

- Cultivating Intuition

Join us for this empowering course where we will use a combination of Mind Mapping, goal setting, understanding action and reaction, and life coaching techniques and much more. This course is 6 weeks and it also includes a private 1:1 life coaching session with Ram, qualified Life Coach. 

This course is for anyone who wants to bring about a positive change to any aspect within their life. You will get to know yourself better and have tools for achieving success in any field. 


Starts May 1st' 2019

Gathering for 6 weeks on Wednesdays 7:45pm - 9:00pm

Cost: $165

Bookings are essential

Ram is a qualified Life Coach and Meditation Teacher

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