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Corporate Wellness & Mindfulness Programs


Sanctuary Hill Retreats corporate wellness programs can be tailored to suit your business. We have a wide range of offerings including short classes and workshops through to full day courses and team building events and retreats.

In 2022, we were endorsed by Exercise NZ as Stress Management Providers. These programs are:

Tax Deductible and no Fringe Benefit Tax

Even on our best days, stress can prevent us from being fully focused and doing our best work. Too much of it can lead to burnout, disengagement, more sick days, and strained relationships in the workplace. It has never been more critical for businesses to address the mental well-being of their team head on. Our mindful program leads to healthier organization from the inside out.​


We currently work within many industry areas including Oil and Gas, Health sector, Schools, Professional sports and more.

Exercise NZ

Benefits from this Program:

  • Healthier employees operating under manageable levels of stress will be happier and more positive, helping to maintain a strong, healthy workplace culture that's conducive to creativity and productivity.

  • It will also reduce the amount of sick days taken by employees due to a weakened immune system as a result of excessive stress.

  • Employees who aren’t overly stressed are much more likely to stick around, and prospective employees are much more likely to work for an employer that promotes a low-stress work environment and takes the initiative to help keep their employees healthy.

  • Actively working to reduce stress through measures like stress management programs and policy shows that you care about your employees and their health and happiness.

  • Suggested Groups:

  • A Daily and Weekly Program can be offered to General Staff with online content to be available for their use including classes and courses and attending classes at our premises.

  • An Executive Leadership Program can include both online and in person sessions. This groups would be more likely to be included in the one-on-one individualized sessions.

  • Team Building opportunities can be prepared by groups offering personalized classes or a wellness day at our premises

Stress Management for Employees is Critical to Your Organization’s Success


Stress can’t be entirely eliminated, and a healthy amount of stress leads to productivity and creativity. But there’s a fine line and when employees become overly stressed, it takes a toll on both them personally and the overall health of the company.


Privacy and Confidentiality: The information recollected from our Individual Assessments are strictly confidential and kept securely at Sanctuary Hill’s stored data.





• Staff have access to a broad online library of yoga classes, guided relaxation, restorative practices. Our online content also includes:

• Online Meditation Course

• Online Yoga for Beginners Course

• Online Back Care Course

• Corporate Report presented every 12 weeks showing how many times the individual accessed the online program.



• Staff have access to attend an in-person class at our premises: Sanctuary Hill. Our weekly timetable includes 9 classes to choose from during the week. OR

• Offer a weekly class at the client’s premises in an adequate space for staff to engage in mindful practices.


Every 12 weeks:

• A one-on-one in person meeting with each staff to discuss prescription of specific or generic recommendations depending on the needs of the client surrounding wellbeing.

• A written corporate report presenting: staff attendance and measurements in: mood, sleep, stress, concentration, and emotional reactivity.

Wellness Team Building or Retreat

We love to work with small groups in our fun and inspirational team building programs. These will be tailored to suit your needs and can be at our location or yours. Team building within a wellness theme is both inspiring and informative.

Team building is a way of investing in your people to bring out the very best in them.​​​ Let us host your team for a journey of inspiration, health and relaxation. Fully catered with gourmet plant-based foods, you will enjoy yoga, meditation, and workshops. 

Our retreat programs can be designed to suit your needs. Our expert team will look after you from the moment you arrive till the moment we say good bye.  

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About Us

Ram and Bhavani
Ram Davies:
Certified Sound Therapist, 43
Certified Sivananda Yoga Instructor
Certified Breakthrough Life Coach through NZ Life Coaching
Bhagavad Gita and Vedanta Scholar through Chinmaya Foundation
Bhavani Davies:
Certified Yoga Therapist by Svastha Yoga Therapy NZ, 41
Endorsed Stress Management Provider by Exercise NZ
HeartMath Clinical Certification for Stress, Anxiety and Self-regulation
Certified Level 3 Instructor by Yoga New Zealand
Certified Sivananda Yoga Instructor
Certified Rainbow Yoga for Kids

It has been a long journey since we first tapped into yoga. We have both studied under the Sivananda Yoga Organization, which led us to run the Sivananda Yoga Centre in NZ for about 10 years. During that time, we led various retreats and workshops which ignited our intention to keep developing our centre. We also both worked at the amazing Aro Ha retreat centre in Queenstown.

We believe that teaching is about giving back what Yoga has already given to us. We have two beautiful kids which are our best teachers in service. 

We have a passion not just for teaching yoga and wellness but also living it. We feel that by connecting to all elements of nature around us, it helps us tune into the nature of peace within ourselves. 

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