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Our Terms of Service:

General Terms and Conditions for all Sanctuary Hill guests:

  • Bookings will be accepted through our website and direct enquiry. A deposit can secure a space until 30 days prior to the event. Your place will not be guaranteed until payment is received in full. All our guests must pay their registration fee before their arrival to Sanctuary Hill. 

  • Deposits are non refundable. Full payment is due 30 days before the start of the retreat.

  • Cancellations:

    • A partial refund can be granted 30 days prior to the Retreat (apart from $250 deposit).

    • 30-days prior to the retreat all bookings are non-refundable. Once your reservation is confirmed, the amounts paid are not refundable. We understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise, but we must adhere to this policy due to the preparations and reservations we make in advance.

    • Exceptions to this policy cannot be made for personal emergencies, unless Sanctuary Hill cancels the event due to weather, or other unforeseen circumstances.

    • Should there be any changes in your plans, please notify us at the earliest. While refunds are not possible, we will do our best to accommodate and assist you within the bounds of our policy.

  • It is important that guests advice Sanctuary Hill instructors about any medical condition, previous injury, dietary restrictions or allergies before their arrival. 

  • Sanctuary Hill takes all the necessary steps to reduce risk and provide safe and well managed outdoor excursions. However we are dealing with nature and unfortunately cannot control participant's actions at all times. 

  • Sanctuary Hill has a non-alcohol and no-smoking policy. 

These are the terms and conditions that apply to our bookings. 

Cancellation policies due to Covid-19


Caring for the safety and well-being of our guests has been and always will be Sanctuary Hill’s most important priority, especially during challenging times like these. As global health concerns continue to develop, our team is working to support the facilitators as well as visiting guests to work out how best to proceed with potential cancellations or rescheduling of events.


While some events unfortunately have to be cancelled, we like working with our guests to see how best to reschedule each event for your enjoyment. As you can imagine, this takes time, so we truly appreciate your patience and understanding as we all navigate this new territory.

• If your event has to be cancelled due to Government requirements we will be in contact as soon as possible. Please understand that if the event is not required to be cancelled, the deposit might not be refundable.

• If your event can be rescheduled, we are happy to work with you to identify new dates. In this situation, we will respect your deposit and no new deposit fees would need to be paid.


We want to thank you for being such a valued part of the wellbeing world. Our vision is to connect people through the power of wellness.


Sanctuary Hill Retreat

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