Meditation Class

Richness of Self Observation- Women's Circle

June 22 & 23 ' 2019

Bringing an accepting presence to our observations we begin the process of befriending ourselves.

A weekend where we immerse ourselves in the textures and tones of life...

Through movement, stillness and open discussion all with focused attention. 

Observation is a process of listening and looking carefully.

Bhavani and Fiona have a combined 38 years of being mothers, wifes, business owners and 'riding the swell of life'.

We want to invite you to celebrate in this rich companionship of women and leave feeling complete in every sense of the word. 

Sample Program:


11:00am Opening Circle

11:30am Movement practice with Fiona

1:00pm Lunch 

2:00pm Talk  

4:15pm Restorative Yoga with Bhavani

6:00pm Dinner 

7:00pm Meditation



9:00am Meditation and Yoga session 

11:00am Talk

12:30pm Lunch

1:30pm Closing Circle


All activities in our program are included and the opportunity to attend all of the yoga and meditation sessions. The program is designed to include two yoga classes on Saturday, and one on Sunday.

The focus of this class is to explore a slower more mindful way of moving and breathing . Using functional movement coupled with self awareness you will experience a holistic approach to Yoga. This practice is suitable for beginners and seasoned practitioners as the emphasis on spending time to feel your body in a pose will guide each student towards their own unique needs.  

We will also have a delightful Restorative evening session on Saturday to relax the nervous system. A restorative practice is about renewal and rejuvenation that improves the body's capacity for healing and balancing, stills the mind, deeply relaxes the body and enhances the mood. 


Our weekend will unfold around the understanding and practice of developing self-awareness. Why do I do what I do? . By turning our awareness inwards we can silently observe ourselves, quiet the mind and focus our attention. We can observe the way we think, feel and understand behavior patterns. Self observation creates a SPACE, that space provides the opportunity to make a conscious choice. Is my automatic response pattern the best option for this circumstance, or would another behavior be more helpful now?

Observation is an art that is practiced in many disciplines in life. Skill will evolve with experience, but only if our methods are sound. We present an approach in which our ability to observe will improve with time, in speed and accuracy. What observations are relevant to design the life we want to live? 

Bhavani and Fiona have prepared a full program to bring about the tools to "build" this muscle enabling us to be more present in the moment, able to navigate the demands in our lives with much more ease, allowing us to be more intentional in our interactions with others, and finally (and more importantly!) be more grounded in WHO WE ARE and what we want for our life. 

Walking trails:

Sanctuary Hill is surrounded by the lush greenery of the Taranaki region. During this immersion you can walk around the property to enjoy the views of Mt. Taranaki, listen to the birds of the region, walk through the orchard and visit the different areas around our property. Suggested things to bring are comfortable shoes and water bottle.


This retreat does not include accommodation. If you require accommodation please contact us.


The carefully prepared meals at Sanctuary Hill have a special mention on our guide. Our chef crafts extraordinary menus that are rich in natural, whole foods and herbs and contain no artificial substances or common allergens.  Chef prepares all meals with seasonal, organic, locally available ingredients with no added sugar, salt, or butter and with as much naturally grown ingredients from our own garden. Beautiful, delicious and so, so good for you—the food we serve is meticulously prepared to fuel both body and soul. All special dietary requirements are accommodated.


Price: $265 for our complete program included 3 meals

Accommodation: $120 per night

Accomodation +  Breakfast: $165 per night