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Matariki Yin Yoga Weekend

with Karin Sang and Markus Giess

June 25 and 26'  2022

Markus Henning Giess & Karin Michelle Sang are the co-founders and teachers of Yin Therapy.  Yin Therapy courses promise to shed light on the yin side of yoga, make anatomy fun and informative, and give you an in-depth understanding into individual bone structure and the tools to tailor an asana practice for each and every unique and individual yogi.


Saturday 25 June




Sunday 26 June


Saturday 25 June

Morning Session: 10.00am–1.00pm


What is yin yoga?

What is yang yoga?

What are the advantages of each kind of yoga?

How do theycomplement each other?

What is tension and what is compression?

What is the function of our connective tissue/fascia in this practice?

Stress and back pain, and yin yoga as a “therapeutic touch”



Yin Yoga Class


Afternoon Session: 2.30pm–5.30pm


Skeletal variation


Compression and tension Analysis of a yoga pose


Skeletal variation tests and practical consequences for yang yoga asanas and assists

We’ll analyze the following asanas in detail:

Lotus position-external rotation of the hip joint

Reclining hero-internal rotation of the hip joint

We'll discuss the following issues:

What restrictions does my individual bone structure impose on me?

How different is it from other people’s bone structure?

Will I or my students ever get into the lotus position or achieve a “perfect” pigeon etc?

Where are the areas of compression and tension within my individual bone structure?

How do I deal with it?

How can I stretch and stimulate the tissues, when compression is constricting me?

Sunday 26 June

Morning Session 10.00am–1.00pm

We will conclude the immersion with a deeply nourishing3 hour yin practice & guided meditation, integrating the philosophical aspects from the previous day’s sessions.

Prerequisites: Suitable for all levels from beginners to experienced yoga practitioners and yoga teachers.

Nature trails:

Sanctuary Hill is surrounded by the lush greenery of the Taranaki region. During this immersion you can walk around the property to enjoy the views of Mt. Taranaki, listen to the birds of the region, walk through the orchard and visit the different areas around our property. Suggested things to bring are comfortable shoes and water bottle.

Meals and Accommodation:

The Full weekend Retreat does not include meals. If you require accommodation please look at the payment options below. There are facilities for you to bring a packed breakfast/lunch. 

Price Options:

Training Price: $220

Early Bird paid before May 31st: $180

Additional Accommodation: $100 per night shared or $200 private room

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About the Teachers:

Yin Therapy co-founders Markus Giess (E-RYT500) and Karin Sang (RYT500) are international yoga teachers having first trained with Power Yoga founder Bryan Kest and then extensively with Yin Yoga founder Paul Grilley, with whom Markus also assists. Both Markus and Karin have also completed an intensive Yin/Yang & Meditation Teacher Training with Insight Yoga founder Sarah Powers. Karin is a qualified iRest® Yoga Nidra Level I teacher and also studied with Karla Brodie and Neal Goshal to become a Restorative Yoga teacher.

They are both former professional musical theatre performers having led parallel lives dancing and singing for over 16 years on stages throughout Germany, England and Switzerland. Markus is also an advanced certified Traditional Thai Masseur and trainer, Reiki Master and meditation teacher. Markus and Karin are known for their unique style of shedding light on the yin side of yoga, their undogmatic style of teaching and using their many years of both performing and teaching experience to make learning anatomy entertaining, humorous and enlightening. They are passionate in sharing their love of the profound practice of Yin Yoga-quietening the mind, connecting with our inner world, to uncover our true essence. Yin Therapy specializes in offering a 200hr Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teaching Training course (RYT200),workshops and retreats in Europe and Australasia. To find out more about Yin Therapy, please visit: http://www.yintherapy.com


*The hours from this weekend immersion may be counted towards Continuing Education for Yoga Alliance registered teachers (9-hour Yoga Alliance CET)