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Creative Sanctuary Retreat

January 25th - 27th ' 2019

We welcome you to a weekend of inner peace immersed in the stillness of nature. It is when we spend time in nature's silence that we too can begin to experience the same peace, and see the beauty we see outside, there within ourselves. 

During this weekend we will be immersed in the practice of Meditation through theory and practical aspects. We will have a special Mandala workshop with the amazing artist Joni Murphy. Mandalas aid our search for meaning, personal growth and spiritual experience. The basis for your mandala creation will begin with learning Sacred Geometry principals in a practical way. You will learn, step by step how to construct the Flower of life and the variations of this beautiful form.

You will walk away from this retreat with a clear mind, feeling inner peace and balance to continue life, and   remembering to put the baggage down.


All activities in our program are included and the opportunity to attend all of the yoga and meditation sessions. The schedule is designed to include two yoga classes a day, apart from Friday which will only include one yoga class after your arrival. Morning classes are intended to be with more movement to start that day yet quite gentle to continue deepening our meditation pracitce. The evening classes are a restorative style to  prepare us for a good night sleep. Here at Sanctuary Hill we specialize on Traditional Hatha and Restorative styles.  Beginners to yoga will get an introduction to yoga postures, breathing practices and relaxation techniques, while the more experienced will be guided in how to deepen their practice. We feel dedicated to your personal evolution. Our team of wellness experts provides workshops and education to help you achieve your health related goals. Our guest speakers and lifestyle mentors support deep inner work to facilitate lasting and real change on your mindset and perspective toward healthy living. Learn more about quality sleep, stress management, healthy eating habits and food choices to take home knowledge that sustains your well-being.

Sample Program Creative Retreat:



5-6pm Arrival meet & greet

6:00pm An Evening Yoga session

7:30pm Dinner

8:15pm Meditation and welcome talk



7:00am Meditation and  a Morning Invigorating Yoga Session

8:30am Breakfast

9:30am Hiking trail (not too extreme) 

12:30 Lunch/Free time

2:00pm Mandala Meditation Workshop  

5:00pm Restorative Yoga

7:00pm Dinner

8:00pm Meditation or Inspirational Documentary



7:00am Meditation and a Morning Invigorating Yoga session

9:00am Breakfast

10:00am  Beach walk

12:00pm Lunch

1:00pm Meditation Workshop 

2:00pm Restorative Yoga

3:30pm Closing Circle

4:00pm Departure.


The workshops in this retreat are focused on the path of meditation and giving tools to develop a meditation practice. This peaceful retreat is about slowing down and tuning into the gentleness of the present moment. The meditation we offer is open to all levels, suitable for those with no meditation practice or those with an existent meditation practice.


On Saturday we have a very special guest, artist Joni Murphy, who will be guiding us through a Mandala Meditation workshop were we will be wearing our creative hats to create our own art work. Mandala drawing is fun, relaxing and easy for everyone! Mandalas have traditionally been used as meditation tools to intensify concentration on the inner self in order to achieve meaningful experiences. Mandalas symbolize a safe refuge of inner reconciliation and wholeness. They give meaning in the psychological sense; as important for the feeling of aliveness as the need to be orientated in the physical reality for survival.

About Joni: 

" Hi, my  name is Joni Murphy. 

I am a full time and Art teacher artist living in Taranaki. 

My passion is for the study of nature. More specifically painting nature in watercolour. 

This journey lead me to the discovery of Sacred Geometry and the practice of Mandala drawing. 

The benefits I have witnesses in my life and those who have attended my workshops has inspired me to continue to offer this special gift of learning to our community."

Walking trails:

We provide group transportation to enjoy time in nature in a guided group walks in the surrounding areas of Taranaki. Weather permitting our Saturday walk will be a forest area where the trail is slightly steep in some areas and Sunday we will do a relaxing beach walk along the quiet areas along the coast. These walks will have a duration along 90 minutes. Suggested things to bring are hiking shoes, togs, jandals, water bottle.


We provide shared accommodation, with two or three guest per room. The maximum number for our groups are 10 guests.

Our modern luxury bedrooms are equipped with 100% cotton linen ant towels. We also have an option for couples to accommodate in a king size bedroom. *Please enquire for the alternative of a private bathroom/bedroom suite. 

Have a look at our accommodation options here.

 We invite our guests to unwind: take a walk, explore the property, read a book from our library, journal, connect with nature and wildlife, and relax in the hot tub.


The carefully prepared meals at Sanctuary Hill have a special mention on our guide. Our chef crafts extraordinary menus that are rich in natural, whole foods and herbs and contain no artificial substances or common allergens.  Chef prepares all meals with seasonal, organic, locally available ingredients with no added sugar, salt, or butter and with as much naturally grown ingredients from our own garden. Beautiful, delicious and so, so good for you—the food we serve is meticulously prepared to fuel both body and soul. All special dietary requirements are accommodated.


Sanctuary Hill is located only 15 minute drive from the New Plymouth Airport. We are happy to organize a shuttle service with an independent specialized company which normally charges $35 dlls one-way.  


Price: $585 for 3 days all inclusive. 

Early Bird: $495 ends October 30th' 2018

Deposit $150 (non refundable but transferable)


We are truly looking forward to welcome you to join us on an amazing adventure. You should be able to find all information regarding the retreat on our website. Please do not hesitate on contacting us if you have any queries or concerns. 

Please make your reservation as early as possible as spaces on our retreats are limited.  It is necessary for you to complete this form in order to proceed with your booking. After receipt of a completed booking form we will place a tentative booking for you for 5 days. Before submitting the form, please read our Terms and Conditions here. Payment of your deposit equates to agreeing to the booking conditions. Should you require further clarifications of any of the conditions, we encourage you to contact us.

- To secure a reservation a NZ $150 deposit is required within 5 working days to secure your booking.

- Early bird to be paid in full by October 30th, 2018

- The balance of the retreat cost must be paid in full 30 days before the retreat starts.

- When a booking is made within 30 days before the retreat, a reservation is secured upon receipt of the total retreat cost.