Back Pain Clinic

Specialized Therapeutic Course

Learn the common causes of back pain and how to treat the discomfort with more than yoga Poses.

8 weeks

During the course of 8 lessons you will learn how to go through life with minimal flares. 

Movement and Stability

Identify movement patterns, evaluate your posture and support your spine. 

Lifestyle Suggestions

A therapeutic plan to remove deficiencies and reduce muscle tightness and create stability. 

Yoga Therapy is an evolving profession with a growing evidence base, a scope of practice and code of Ethics, and certifies individual therapists. Bhavani is an experienced Teacher since 2010 and has been specializing in Yoga Therapy since 2019 in an ongoing education. 

Yoga has become one of the most sort after complimentary therapies and hugely in relationship to Pain. It is an integrative practice that looks into: How we act in the world and How we treat ourselves?


In this course we will see:

What is a Neutral Spine?

How do I walk, sit, lift, and stand?

What emotions could be related to my Pain?

We will work together to look at our patterns and create a practice that brings balance to our bodies within the language of kindness, compassion, wholeness, and resilience. 

In my previous courses I've worked with students with chronic pain, occasional flares or as preventive education. In any of these areas, the course is very much focused on self empowerment and developing awareness so that you can continue your journey with inner wisdom. 

Therapy Courses are small in nature, so please book or contact us if you would like to join in. 

I am also available for private classes and can design a recorded personalized practice for you to take home. 

Starting: October 28th ' 2021 

Time: 7:30pm to 8:45pm

Cost: $130 - for 8 lessons